5m bookstore

A small-scale, commercial building to fill a 5-metre wide cavity situated along Bank Street, the heart of Old Ottawa South also known as the Glebe. A space for story telling and story selling. Linear circulation through the building is contrasted by vertical movement of the book display through two floors. A new entrance at back is created extending and glazing the second level with white glass. This gesture forms a floating light box. An exterior lift structurally supports the overhang. The ground floor is mainly used for selling, but is equipped with horizontally moveable panels for displaying posters, publications, etc. Upstairs is a 6m tall space which slightly slopes  to the back, enhancing the gallery space while forming an auditorium for guest lecturers, story telling for children and exhibitions.

type of project:
commercial/public, individual
location: Glebe, Ottawa
supervisor: Federica Goffi
date of completion: april 2009

view model street feb2jpg

Bank and Fourth Street, Ottawa. Approaching the Bookstore.

site from folio



View from auditorium area onto the front of the gallery. Frosted glass floor above first level. 10 steel bars display moving  books, magazines. Large window by stair with a view onto Bank Street.

libMONTAGEscannedSMALLER dec30col

lib sections panel WITH PPL dec29

  Hand-drawn elevation/perspective overlayed on top of existing situational collage.

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