Dominika Linowska  
Architect (OAA)
Architect (NL) Nederland Architectenregister No: 1.130701.006

B.Arch, M.Arch / MSc.Arch

>>> Dominika is an Architect based in Toronto, Canada.

I am passionate about architecture (art, design, building, urbanism, current issues). I am a very detail-oriented perfectionist with a good eye for proportion and aesthetic, who is always enthusiastic to take on a fresh project.


What I do?

. architectural design
. drafting (hand + CAD)
. Revit
. ArchiCAD
. Sketchup
. sketching, illustrating, drawing
. architectural (computer / hand ) modeling
. rendering / visualizations / impressions
. Photoshop
. Illustrator
. layout (InDesign)
. collage art
. marketing brochures
. research / curating


Looking forward to hearing from you and having a chat over  a coffee or a matcha latte!

Dominika   : )