Atelier Factory

Rehabilitation. Propose a new use for the heritage-designated Carbide Mill located on Victoria Island, Ottawa. Consider a programme which explores evolving cultural conditions.

Original building constructed in 1899. Many historical layers are revealed beneath the grey limestone walls of the Carbide Mill. Past uses include: a mill factory, storage /depot, a warehouse, a machine shop and a hostel/residence. The Mill suffered numerous explosions and fires, all of which add to the constant reassembly of structural parts. Recently, various outdoor events have been held at the ruins. The 23 x 84 m open-plan edifice provides a very adaptable and flexible space for a variety of programs, such as the proposed art factory. A rectangular volume inserted within the ruins, adresses a new use to the building. The steel and glass rectangular volume provides a new entrance, new circulation and a gallery space. Atelier Factory is an artisan community with studios, courtyards, galleries, meeting areas, cafeterias and viewing platforms onto the surrounding environment. The four storey section of the existing structure houses artist’s studios and an auditorium as well as an archive library on the top floor.

type of project: rehabilitation, individual
location: Victoria Islands, Ottawa
supervisor: John Cook
date of completion: march 2011



Volume inserted into existing mass. A new program.

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The mill buildings are not redundant since their shape of structure and open floor areas are adaptable
– NCC Heritage Inventory

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An existing portion of the 7.5m tall stone walls is roofed, with visible exposed steel beams spaced evenly at 3m above ground. This is an appropriate area for a temporary gallery exhibition. The three long walls of the Carbide Mill have many openings with an assortment of sizes, all dealing with the transparency and variation of the view.  Atelier Factory maintains the industrial sensibility of the existing structure.

elevations plans form folio


C:UsersDominikaDocumentscarbide feb28.pdf


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One of the first study models.


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