Reboot / Rescale

The studio project deals with a quintessential relic of post-war housing in the Netherlands: the Bijlmerflat Kleiburg. Students were called to develop new strategies that reach farther then renovation of what is already there, or consolidation from a purely cultural vantage point. By making use of the existing building, new possibilities for this mastodon will be extensively explored.

type of project: housing, group-based studio
collaborated with Paul Mulder and Suzanna Weeda
location: Amsterdam South, Bijlmer district
supervisor: Olv Klijn + Caro van de Venne
date of completion: january 2012



Existing Kleijburg block within the Bijlmer district; closed off, lifeless plinth. 500 dwellings.

human scale

Human scale is lacking in the Bijlmer; it's simply too big!
'Rescaling' the area by neighbourhood allotment is a solution.

jan3 facae 3dviewa TITLE

Doubled density. New facade of the Kleijburg. View onto family-type maisonettes with double-height gardens.

streets in the sky01

The Smithsons create ‘streets in the sky’

Rescaled 1:500 situational ground floor plan showing accessibility, traffic routes, 3 neighbourhoods, parking

IMG_4076 birds

IMG_4106 people

1. Lift the Building
2. Add program to lifeless plinth
3. Allow permeability (cars, bikes, pedestrians)
4. Use existing building as an enclave

  dec10 persp1harden
A typical 3-bedroom maisonette dwelling,  level 10+11

1to500 sections darker

1:100 sections of all 3 parts (studio loft, family maisonette, student housing).

Fragment model built at 1:100 scale, study of facade.

 jan3 plan1to100

Plans of levels 6+7 and 10+11 (maisonette-type apartments)


1to5 details

slapkamer dec11 bdone

dec11 living kitchen lv8 ppl
Interior  view of maisonette; generated with Autodesk Revit 2012 and Adobe Photoshop.

jan5 dom 1to50

 final kitchen view maisonette444

No Title

Example axonometric of night / day scenario in studio loft. Drawing by Suzanna Weeda.

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