Generic Office Building

An eight-week long intensive studio focusing on the design of a generic office building situated in Amsterdam.

type of project: office/civic building, individual
location: Amsterdam centre, Piet Heinkade.
supervisor: Engbert van der Zaag
date of completion: june 2012

The site: Piet Heinkade, with views onto the river and the canal

1. massing    2. cut outs (busses + courtyards)    3. circulation   4. offices on top + commercial below

View onto main facade (south).

Ground floor, main entrance: double height, glass block materialization.

All floor plans drawn at 1:200 with a 1.8 x 1.8m grid

Elevations and sections drawn at 1:200

1:200 model made out of laser-cut card and hand-cut vellum for the facade textures/tiles.


18.5m Courtyards between office masses.

view2 PEOPLE bw

facade 1to50

typical office plan 1to50

1:20 horizontal and vertical sections and plans, critical details (not show) drawn at 1:5.

tech det 1to50

1:50 structural section

1to20 persp

Interior typical office perspective.

Entering through the garden tunnels in between office volumes.

Double height office spaces on levels 1.5/2

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